Allison W, Indiana, United States

We stopped here with our kids [11 and 8] and had a really nice walk on the foot paths seeing all of the different lava formations. The kids loved it as much as we did. It is crowded in the parking area and in the shorter paths close to the visitors center. However, we had a nice visit. The walks were not very difficult and the crowds thinned out the further you walked. We also really liked the gift shop here. They had a nice collection of Icelandic souvenirs and provided tax free documents that were easy to handle at the airport to get our refund.

Brian M, La Jolla, California

This was a really fun and different activity. Even though we were only five days in Iceland this was the most novel and authentic experience. In the wilderness away from tourists and doing a cave exploration which is still in pretty much its natural condition. If you can make this on your to do list. Do it. But expect crawling through tight cold places , some crouching and crawling. 

Nuvola Viajera, Barcelona, Spain

I mean, the place is one of the best places I've ever seen in my life...the journey to go there is incredible, I'd say, it is pretty similar to how I imagine to drive and walk across the Moon. Really breathtaking and, of course, go prepared to be shacked :) The bus travels across F roads. 
Our guide was Eva, really nice, funny and prepared. 
Tour highly recommended, if you won't see the Highlands, you'll lose one of the most breathtaking place in the planet Earth.

Sue M, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We had not planned to visit this museum, but were passing and stopped by. We were so glad we did. The museum itself is in a very nice building and is well set out, with friendly staff. There's a cafe there too. For someone like me who loves birds, but is not very good at identifying them, this was perfect. Each display case houses a number of birds and you press a button beside the name of a bird and a light goes on beside that bird in the case. Good for comparing birds and being able to see their differences easily for future reference.

Katelyn Lumiere, New York City, New York

"This was amazing - a first lava field for us. There were bubbling lava pools, though you won't get too close to them. There are amazing walks through the lava fields and it is completely surreal, with steam billowing at your sides. The colours are beautiful - everything was absolutely stunning! There are no ways to put it into more words."

S.C., Honolulu, Hawaii

This place is insane. So much water plunges down the falls and you are able to stand uncomfortably close to it all! Make sure you walk upstream about half a mile to see another scenic but smaller waterfall Selfoss. These waterfalls were the most mind-blowing natural phenomenon. A must see.

Alex G, Alpharetta, Georgia

During our visit in September 2016 we stayed 2 days at Lake Myvatn. It is a breathtaking place especially during fall with lots of things to explore from hiking to natural hot springs. The scenery is just perfect for taking mesmerizing photos. One other thing to do while up there is a trip to the little fisher town of Husavik also known as the whale watching capitol of Iceland. Next time we will spend more time at Lake Myvatn.

Olya, Chicago, Illinois
So relaxing at Mývatn Nature Baths

We went here after hiking for a number of days, and it was just the relaxation we needed. Absolute perfection. They have 3 different temp pools, plenty of seating space, and lifeguards who bring beer.

Jean, Atlanta, Georgia

We visited Iceland for the third time in June this year. Unlike in the past where we flew in KEF and mostly stayed around Reykjavik, the capital, this time we decided to rent a car and drive around the ring to Lake Myvatn, stopping whenever needed to discover and enjoy some amazing and breathtaking natural venues. It was the best decision and we'll do it again.

This is one of the areas of the famous split between the Eurasian and North American continents. We spent time at the natural baths and enjoyed Hverarond (active volcanoes area), Hverfjall with huge crater and Dimmuborgir, the lava field with its famous Arc and church.
But, the best thing is that between Reykjavik and Lake Myvatn area, we were able to stop (sometimes spending the night) several times to enjoy the natural beautiful landscape that this region has to offer; and we were not disappointed at all. We were so pleased that we decided to go back, again, in a couple of years or so.

Lauren S, Stamford, Connecticut

If you're on a road trip through Iceland, Lake Myvatn is like an oasis in the middle of absolutely nothing. There are lots of hotels and restaurants, great Northern Lights viewing, and many things to do surrounding the lake. We were only here one night, but I wish we had had longer.

Ingrid S, Coconut Creek, Florida

Lots of activities around Lake Myvatn. Hiking on volcanic craters, geothermal pools, excellent dining. Worth spending a few days and exploring.

Cliff Kol, Miami, Florida

Lots to do in Myvatn region. We spent a lot of time researching and trying to understand the area, and even then, there were a lot of surprises (Pleasant ones!) once here. Falls: Detifoss, Godafoss, Selfoss. Lake Myvatn, a bird sanctuary, the pseudo-craters, hot spots (Namfjall region, Krafla volcano and craters, Grjotagja caves, Dummoborgir area, geothermal electric and water plants, Hverfjall crater. So much to do and explore. The small town of Reykjahlid, on Lake Myvatn is the base town for the region. A few guesthouses, each with its own personality and character.

Barbeuz, Paris, France

I visited Myvatn for 1 day & 1 night, I wish I could stay half a week to see all its marvels!
This is a truly unique place, and although you can see so many things in less than 1h drive, my favourite place is the lake. Incredible landscape, perfect to wander in the nature.