19. Stóru-laugar — Þverá

Here you can find the trail on Wikiloc.

From Stóru-laugar you walk on an old riding path up to the heath. The view over Reykjadalur valley is really beautiful on this route. When you reach the heath, the hiking is easy along a riding trail and has a view in all directions over the well grown highlands. Note that you have to cross Þverá river up on the heath, but it is possible to cross it without shoes. 

When you cross the heath you come down to the old church Þverá in Laxárdalur valley. In the years 1849-1851 Jón Jóakimsson, a former farmer on Þverá, built a large turf farm that still stands. The turf farm on Þverá is a remarkable source for Icelandic architecture, but it is of the so-called Nordic type.