Mývatn Snowmobile

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Snowmobiling is our favourite way of traveling trough the rough arctic conditions.  Snowmobiling is a part of our lifestyle, we would love to share our passion for snowmobiling with you. Come and experience the incredible freedom that a snowmobile provides. 
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Your Guides

All our Snowmobiling guides are highly experienced in snowmobiling in the area, this is important to be able to navigate the area and provide the most enjoyable tour for you.

The Snowmobiles

The Snowmobiles are so called “touring snowmobiles”. Touring snowmobiles are designed for long distance driving and to make them as comfortable as possible. These are the kind of snowmobiles used in the Mývatn area by the locals and farmers for traveling in the area as often during winter, snowmobiles are simply the best way to get around.