Why Mývatn?

Mývatn offers a unique natural environment. With large contrasts and small distances you can experience the most and the best that Iceland has to offer. Large open spaces with roads and walkways lead travellers to unworldly locations, where volcanic eruptions have played a crucial role in the formation of the landscape. Whether the plan is to enjoy the landscape, examine unique natural phenomena or take a closer look at the pant and bird life, Mývatn has it all. Furthermore the area offers a variety of services in accommodation, food and entertainment, based on years of experience and knowledge. A large number of travellers visit Mývatn in the summer, but many believe the lake and its surroundings to be no less impressive in the wintertime.

Mývatn is the 4th largest lake in Iceland, 37 km2 in area. Its shores are indented with many coves and inlets and its surface is dotted with around 50 small islets and skerries. Midges (Chironomidae) are abundant and the ubiquitous swarms of these tiny flies give the Lake its name.

The lake itself is very shallow, and the rays of the sun reach the lake bed over its entire surface. The ecology of the lake area is extremely diverse and interesting; one important characteristic of Mývatn, being the prolific growth and abundance of freshwater seaweed. On the bed of the lake are great quantities of diatoms, while, nearer the surface, Mývatn's famous arctic char weave their way between aquatic plants and little islets topped with fertile vegetation. 

On and around the lake there is a teeming and varied birdlife, and Mývatn is the habitat of many kinds of lake and marsh birds. However, much of Mývatn's fame is due to the fact that, during summer, there are more different species of duck gathered on and around the lake than anywhere else in the world. Mývatn is a legally protected conservation area and appears on the register of internationally important wetlands, along with the Laxá river which flows out of the lake.

Northern Lights

This is our favourite time of the year! When this „art of nature“ illuminates the sky with spectacular displays of green, purple, pink, even red, our hearts jump with joy over the chance of exploring and experiencing with our customers for the next 8 months the warm feeling accompanying such a sight. Just imagine standing in the cold dark night, not a sound to be heard. The wind barely moving a strand of hair, and the sky is flaring with colors of green and purple. 

The Yule Lads

13 Yule Lads live in Iceland, the sons of the old trolls Grýla and Leppalúði. Grýla and Leppalúði keep a pet, a wicked cat, which may sometimes catch children. Grýla, who is big and formidable, was said to collect the naughty children in a sack and take them home to eat for Christmas dinner. If a child is naughty, Grýla finds out immediately. Grýla can't lay her hands on good children.

An old tradition in Iceland is, that 13 days prior to Christmas the Yule Lads start coming down from the mountain one each night. Children in Iceland place their best shoe on their windowsill before going to bed and each night a little gift is left in the shoe from the Yule lad that came down from the mountain that night. If the child has been misbehaving, there might be a raw potato left instead.

The Yule Lads aren't as mean as their parents but they aren't very well-mannered either. The Icelandic Christmas season begins on December 12th, when Stekkjastaur (Sheep-Cote Clod) descends from the mountains. The last one, Kertasníkir (Candle-Stealer) arrives on Aðfangadagur, Christmas day on the 24th of December. Then they leave again to the mountains, one by one in the same order until the last one, Kertasníkir leaves on the last day of Christmas, January 6th.

The Yule Lads have made Dimmuborgir their home. Dimmuborgir is an enchanting area to explore on a nice summer day. Visiting Dimmuborgir at Christmas time, however, is truly magical. The landscape takes on a different look in its winter garb and that is the time when the Icelandic Yule Lads who reside in Dimmuborgir become active. Visiting them in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience for children of all ages.  

Local Food

Taste Mývatn guides you through unique food traditions as you explore the area's magnificent nature.

Icelandic meat, smoked trout, the geysir bread and so much more.

Experience the land and history through the taste buds!

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Midnight Sun

During summer in Iceland, from June - July, Iceland becomes a beautiful viewing platform for witnessing one of nature's most magnificent shows on Earth - the setting of the midnight sun. Mývatn is a beautiful location to experience the midnight sun, with all the landscape glowing in pink and yellow. Pick a viewing point anywhere around the lake and you will be in awe! 

Enjoy the 24 hour daylight at Mývatn with us! 

Snow and Ice

Winter Activities at Mývatn 

There are multiple exciting activities to choose from while staying at Mývatn during winter time, apart from the natural wonders around Lake Mývatn that can be accessed for free as long as weather and road conditions permit. Check out the Wonders of Mývatn at


It can be said that super-jeeps are becoming as common in Iceland as the yellow cab is in New York. These modified vehicles are used to get you closer to the nature in comfort. Driving on mountain tracks or just cruising on top of winter snow. Experienced drivers, radio equipment and satellite navigation make these trips safe regardless of the weather conditions. Explore the multiple tours that Geo Travel has to offer during winter. 


With a snowmobile you can explore the Icelandic nature during the winter months in a different way. In Mývatn snowmobiling is one of the local’s favorite way of traveling trough the rough arctic conditions. Snowmobiling is a part of our lifestyle, we love to share our passion for snowmobiling and allow our guests to experience the incredible freedom that a snowmobile provides. 


Lofthellir Ice Cave is a permafrost, Ice-Cave inside a Lava Tunnel, boosting incredible ice formations, some hundreds of years old.

The tour starts from Lake Mývatn area, the journey to the cave leads you through rugged tracks along incredible geology. The Drive leads you past the volcano Mt. Hverfjall and along Lúdentarborgir crater row.

A lost world of Ice and magic awaits, frozen in time, frozen in place. Lofthellir Lava Cave is a unique cave due to it’s incredible ancient ice formations. The Cave is a protected sight and privately owned by local landowners.  Only a limited number of tours are allowed and all tours to the cave are operated by Geo Travel Certified Cave guides. The goal of the cave project is to make sustainable cave tours in the cave and preserve this incredible Cave for future generations to explore.  Included in every ticket is a fee for the protection program and local landowners. 


Dog sledding tour on snow and a visit to the unchained Siberian Husky Kennel at the farm Heiði, Lake Mývatn, North Iceland. 465 km(290 miles) from Reykjavík.

Two guests and a Musher from Snow Dogs share a wooden sled with 8-10 Siberian Huskies pulling you on a scenic trail of 6-10 km, taking approximately 45-70 minutes with picture stops.

Your Musher will explain to you the basics in dog sledding and how to work with these amazing dogs. You also have the opportunity to help mush the sled with one of our guides if you want to try it.After the tour there is plenty of time to come inside the kennel to meet, cuddle and take pictures with the dogs.  



Since the Mývatn Nature Baths was opened in 2004, it has proven to be one of the region's highlights for travellers. Based on a centuries old tradition, the tastefully designed complex offers bathers a completely natural experience.Begin with a relaxing dip in clouds of steam rising up from fissures deep in the earth’s surface and end with a luxurious bath in a pool of geothermal water drawn from depths of up to 2500 meters. Containing a unique blend of minerals, silicates and geothermal micro-organisms, the warm soothing waters of Mývatn Nature Baths benefit both skin and spirit alike. 


The bird museum is located on the farm Ytri-Neslönd beside Lake Myvatn. It was established following the pioneering work of Sigurgeir Stefansson who lived at the farm. Sigurgeir’s bird museum is considered the largest known private bird collection in Iceland.

The interactive display of the bird collection is both interesting and educational. It contains a specimen of all of the Icelandic breeding birds, with the exception of just one. In addition there is a multi-lingual computer guide to Iceland's birds, a shop with refreshments, bird books are available, there is a logbook of recent sightings, telescopes are set up to watch the birds on the lake and a remote camera displays live wildlife images from one of the lake's islands.

Nowhere in the world can so many species of duck be found in one place. The Barrow’s goldeneye  (Bucephala islandica) has its only breeding habitat in Europe in Northeast Iceland, mostly by Lake Mývatn.  

Much of the bird life of Lake Mývatn  can be viewed directly in front of the museum. You can watch birds on the lake whilst also enjoying some local refreshments.

The museum also offer several comfortable bird hides located close to the wildlife, with facilities for photography and bird watching. 

Other activities that could be an option dependent on weather and availability!


Lake Myvatn area and the surrounding highlands are great for cross-country skiing. We have a good mixture of areas suitable for easy to more demanding skiing. There are shorter trails suitable for beginners and long trails for those with some experience of cross-country skiing. Skiing can also be an option, there is a small but fun ski slope across Krafla Power Station.  


The Icelandic horse is known to be sure-footed, willing and friendly by nature and extremely pleasant to ride.  A better area in Iceland is hard to find that offers so much variation of trekking routs, also during winter time when you can get the opportunity to ride horses on frozen Lake Mývatn. 


There are multiple hiking routes around Mývatn. With a private guide that will get you the equipment you need for a winter hike (snowshoes, overalls, hiking poles, spikes), you will have an enjoyable time in our wonderful area of Mývatn!