5. Stóragjá - Grjótagjá - Hverfjall - Dimmuborgir

This trail starts by the village of Reykjahlíð on the crossroads of route no.1 turning East towards Egilsstaðir. The distance is approx. 14 km and takes 3-4 h to complete - one way. The path takes you to the fissure of Grjótagjá and then on to Mt. Hverfjall. From here the path goes along the rim of the crater to the top and from there down the steep hill on the southern side of the crater and on into Dimmuborgir lava formations.

Here you can find the track on Wikiloc: Wikiloc | Islandia: Reykjahlíð - Grjótagjá - Hverfjall - Dimmuborgir Trail