18. Máskot - Ljótsstaðir

Here you can find the trail on Wikiloc.

The hiking trail from Máskot to Ljótsstaðir is through green and beautiful highlands and about half of the route is easy to navigate. The starting point is across the road from the old farm Máskot. You walk along a road, at the top of the hill you exit the road to a old jeep road. Up on the heath you can see the lake Másvatn and close to it is lake Kalmanstjörn. When you come down from the heath you face Ljótsstaðir in Laxárdalur where Helgi Skúta Hjálmarsson, farmer last lived. It has been deserted since 1965 when he died. At Ljótsstaðir you will find Helgi´s house, storage rooms, a cowshed and a concrete barn, built in the years 1938-1945-46. It is possible to enter the house and return to the old days, since some things are sill the same as Helgi left them. The house has been renovated on the outside and constructions have started indoors as well as it is planned to renovate the house to some extent.

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