We know it's tempting to bath in Grjótagjá cave but...

Grjótagjá is a hot spring in a cave, with two entrances and a rocky path leading down to it. It is half-full with the most extraordinary blue geothermal water. 

During the eruption of Mt. Krafla in 1975-1984 the temperature of the water rose so it couldn't be used for bathing for 20 years. The temperature of the water is now again too hot for bathing. I dipped my feet in the water back in 2014 and it was very hot, something like 46 degrees C. When I touched the water in 2016 it was a little less hot, but still too hot, so be careful as it is very rocky here and you don't want to fall in.

Grjótagjá belongs to the farmers at Vogar, so it is private property and forbidden to bathe in it - even if the water would be less hot. But examining this beautiful pearl of nature and taking photos of it is allowed.

Regína Ragnarsdóttir originally wrote about her visit to Grjótagjá cave here.

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