Mývatn Marathon Considered One of Best Marathons in Scandinavia!

We were very excited to find out today that www.radseason.com has picked their top 6 favorite marathons in Scandinavia and that the Mývatn Marathon is one of them. We are so honored and we hope to see you all in Mývatn May 26, 2018! 

Here's what they said about the Myvatn Marathon: 
"This early summer marathon loops around Lake Mývatn, a volcanic lake replete with natural hot springs rumored to have rejuvenating properties. The wide-open course follows the perimeter of the lake, and on a clear day, you’ll be able to see both the other side of the lake and the stark, volcanic scenery that surrounds it.  It’s a reminder that not all of Scandinavia is green meadows and fjords—Mývatn Marathon winds through vast lava fields and craters that dominate the landscape."

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