Bed and breakfast Camping
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At Fjalladýrð Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional food, culture and accommodation in peaceful surroundings as well as joining us on our super jeeps to nature pearls of the northern highlands: ASKJA or KVERKFJÖLL tours every day.

The company emphasises on variety of nature walks and other forms of outdoor recreation – highly appropriate for a company whose name, Fjalladýrð, means "mountain beauty".

Fjalladýrð strives to be environment-friendly and to offer personal service, with the goal of allowing our customers to get closer to their origins. We work to achieve this by offering homemade food, traditional Icelandic rural culture and further recreation options tailored to the particular interests of each group or person. 

If you contact us with your expectations regarding Möðrudalur, we will do what we can so that you and your companions can enjoy a memorable stay at our farm.