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  • Spring


    During the spring, nature begins to wake up from her long hibernation. Vegetation springs to life and meadows take on new spring colours. Farmers turn their thoughts to the lambing season and in the harbour things also begin to take on an new bustle of activity. Salmon fill the rivers and birdsong echoes over hill and dale. Everyone want to be outside, some to do some sailing, others to brave the mountains on foot of on horseback – or just to do as their fancy takes them. The excitement of nature is everywhere underfoot.

  • Summer


    Summertime has always been the peak of the tourist season in Iceland. This is the time when the odds for nice weather are most favorable, most of the highland routes have opened by the end of June and most people take their vacation at this time. Mıvatn is therefore bustling with people and activity during the summer months. 

  • Autumn


    Autumn holds a special magic for many. Nature as well as its habitants savour every last bit of summer axcitement while perparing and even longing for peace and quiet to settle in. Sheep descend from the mountains and people congregate by the folds to held in the sheep gathering. There is much singing and jollity – an experiencenot to be missed by many who make this event a regular part og the autumn season.

    September is an ideal month to travel in Mıvatn with your camera. The dramatic colours of autumn seem to change almost from moment to moment with the ever changing light. The air becomes crisper and shadows teg longer. these days of colourful tranquillity make an impression on all who travel through Mıvatn at this time of year.

  • Winter


    Welcome to the  Winter Wonderland!

    In winter during the dark nights the ground is covered with snow. This is the time you can experience the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. Keeping silent, watching and even hearing the lights dancing through the sky, it´s a magnificent experience. During the day time you can go on jeep safaris, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or hiking through the varied landscape with great contrasts of fire and ice. Visit the Bird Museum, some of the local restaurants and Café’s and enjoy a warm dip in the Mıvatn Naturebaths at the end of the day.

    What a great experience


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